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This mineral is characterized by its yellow color. It occurs in Colorado Plateau-type uranium deposits near playas and is an ore of both vanadium and uranium. Discovered in 1899, it was named after Marie-Aldophe Carnot 1839-1920, a French mining engineer and chemist. Carnotite is a bright to greenish yellow mineral that occurs typically as crusts and flakes in sandstones. Amounts as low as one percent will color the sandstone a bright yellow. The high uranium content makes carnotite an important uranium ore and also radioactive. Carnotite is a potassium uranium vanadate mineral with chemical formula: K 2 U O 2 2 VO 4 2 ·3H 2 O. The water content can vary and small amounts of calcium, barium, magnesium, iron, and sodium are often present.

Carnotite Mineral Facts: Chemical Formula: K 2 UO 2 2 VO 4 2-3H 2 O Carnotite, like the other uranites, is extremely complex in composition. Carnotite is a vanadate of uranium and potassium, with variable amounts of water and a number of common impurities including calcium, barium, magnesium, iron, and sodium. Carnotite definition: a radioactive yellow mineral consisting of hydrated uranium potassium vanadate: occurs. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Carnotite is an uncommon and interesting uranium mineral that can coat host rocks with an attractive yellow powder. Remember, this is also a radioactive mineral and should be stored away from other minerals that are affected by radioactivity and human exposure should always be limited. The Mineral, Carnotite is a uranium ore, one of the major ores of uranium, and in the US is found primarily in the Southwest. It is a vanadate of potassium and uranium, containing small amounts of uranium. It occurs as a powdery incrustation in loosely cohering masses like the specimen in the photo, or as an impregnation in sand or sandstone. The carnotite is the yellow portion of the ore. Well it says on the partially torn tag how the heck granma wrote so small in pencil ill never know.Carnotite,Zippeite HYW 191 mile marker 163 between Moab & La,sal.Utah.1968 The measurement of the rock is 4.1cm x 2.5cm x 2.7cm.Awsome bright yellow color yet the rock itself is dull like a dried up ball of dirt.The location was one of her many.

As nouns the difference between ore and carnotite is that ore is rock that contains utilitarian materials; primarily a rock containing metals or gems which—at the time of the rock's evaluation and proposal for extraction—are able to be separated from its neighboring minerals and processed at a cost that does not exceed those materials. Carnotite - Bright yellow, pulverulent Carnotite. This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals. What does carnotite mean? carnotite is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A lemon-yellow radioactive mineral consisting of hydrated vanadate of uranium, potassium, and.

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