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A phobia is a persistent and excessive fear of a specific stimulus, such as a thunderstorm. Immediate, excessive anxiety response is characteristic of a phobic condition, and it has been suggested that once a phobic event has been experienced, any event associated with it, or the memory of it, is sufficient enough to generate a response. The most common phobias are associated with noises such as. Having a phobia doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need treatment. If it’s fairly easy for you to avoid cats, ailurophobia may not have much of an effect on your daily life. Treatments for the fear of cats Cat phobia. Cats have lived alongside humans often as pets for at least ten thousand years and they are everywhere as anyone who has a phobia of cats will be only too well aware. If you have a strong phobia of cats then it can impose serious restrictions on your life. The fear of these animals is quite widespread, but most people are completely unaware of how many are affected.

Trusted, Effective Treatment for Cat Phobia. Does cat phobia have a serious impact on your life? It may not seem possible, but after more than a decade working with the most severe fears and phobias we have yet to come across someone with a case of cat phobia that couldn’t be overcome. Ailurophobia is the name that receives persistent, abnormal and unjustified fear towards cats. This disorder is also known as elophobia and deals with a specific type of phobia. People with ailurophobia experience high feelings of anxiety every time they detect the presence of a cat. Likewise, the fear caused by these animals makes the subjects. [medical citation needed] Ailurophobia is a type of specific phobia: the persistent, irrational fear of cats. The name comes from the Greek αἴλουρος ailouros, 'cat' and φόβος phóbos, 'fear'. Other names include felinophobia, elurophobia, and cat phobia. A person with such a fear is known as an ailurophobe.

Sometimes treatment may involve gradual exposure to cats. Step after step, the patient becomes more accustomed to cats. Step after step, the patient becomes more accustomed to cats. Therapy will begin with watching a clip about cats, then a movie and then physical interaction with the cat. 30.05.2019 · Give your cat a safe space to hide during the storm. Providing a safe hiding place is probably one of the best treatment strategies for thunderstorm anxiety in cats. Ideal hiding places are dark and quiet, such as a basement, closet, or bathroom.

Further, parents can sometimes transfer their own fear of cats on to their children. Treatments for Ailurophobia. With professional help, the fear of cats can usually be overcome. Of course, for any phobia treatment plan to succeed, the person must first have a desire to overcome the fear. Ailurophobics often avoid seeking treatment because. Exposure therapy works by gradually increasing the level of exposure to your fear, which allows you to gain control over your phobia. As the treatment progresses, you. Affected cats will respond to some degree to a combination of behavior modification and treatment with anti-anxiety medication. If there is a condition that causes itchiness and/or pain that is exacerbating the anxiety, it must be controlled. Your cat may need to live in a protected environment with as few social stressors as possible. These animals do not do well in competitive shows.

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